The Bourbon Concierge is a family-owned business founded in 1995 nestled in a nostalgic liquor store in the heart of our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Serving specialty-buying customers around the country for more than two decades and generations with hand-crafted, quality liquor for enjoyment and private collections.

This brick and mortar shop began with a firm focus on white-glove customer service that created long-time friends who came back again and again to source the most prestigious and rare libations available. The Bourbon Concierge is born out of the idea of expanding that service and loyalty across the country at the click of a button and for your convenience. We want you to feel like family so please don’t hesitate to use our phone number, email or live chat features on this site to ask questions or submit personal requests.

Our hope is that whatever you receive will provide you with a bottle to delight for an upcoming occasion, or add to your own personal collection.

Prav Saraff

Owner One West Dupont Liquor’s and Founder of Prav’s Picks

My family has been in the wine and spirits business for about 30 years in Washington DC now. Around 20 years ago, I found our business elevated when I started to focus on concierge-like customer service for customers looking for rare wine and spirits. As I began sourcing some of the rarest bottles in the country I found the journey of sourcing rare bourbons, and picking some of my own, to be a personal passion. Ever since then, we have become the preferred destination in the United States for the finest and most rare spirits and wines that are produced. Having become that preferred destination is what led to the founding of the Bourbon Concierge. The Bourbon Concierge serves as our white glove service arm to service our most discerning customers. We look forward to being there for you, our customers, as we look to help find you the rare Bourbon you are looking for.