Our Bourbon

The Bourbon Concierge focuses on bourbon, whiskey, and rye that are are made in the United States but aged for a longer amount of time in their barrel. Older age stated bourbon, whiskey, and rye are becoming more of a rarity due to limited supplies. Due to this scarcity, older selections are allocated to limit how much a store or restaurant can purchase. These allocations make it harder for the connoisseur to source these selections locally or through normal means. The hunt for bourbon, whiskey, or rye is a difficult one when it comes to older aged bottlings that were made in the United States.

Our 25+ years of customer loyalty allows The Bourbon Concierge to gain access to those hard to find private collection bottles being sought after. Our bottles are rarely for sale in traditional liquor stores and come with meticulous vetting to ensure quality and authenticity you can have confidence in. Add a new “unicorn” to your private collection, or surprise someone in your life with a gift they will truly love.