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    9 products
    Blantons Single Barrel Bourbon 375mL
    *Note* We cannot guarantee specific letters or dump dates.  Please contact...
    Blantons Gold Edition 700ml
    Typically a 700ml bottling - Developed as a bourbon for fans of...
    Blantons miniature bourbon 50ml bottle
    Blantons original single barrel miniature bottle.   This is a 50ml bottle...
    Blantons Black 750 mL
    Blantons Black
    This edition of Blanton's is produced exclusively for the Japanese export market...
    Blantons Red Single Barrel Bourbon Bag
    Blantons Red 750 mL
    Blantons Red
    This is a variant of Blanton's (sometimes called "Blanton's Red") that is...
    Blantons Special Reserve
    Commonly known as "Blanton's green label" the special reserve is produced exclusively...

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