2017 Four Roses Al Young Anniversary

Four Roses Al Young Anniversary

2017 Four Roses Al Young Anniversary

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One of the rarest bottles that also celebrates a rare bourbon icon. Al Young, a member of the Kentucky Distillers Association Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame, has worked for Four Roses for over 50 of its 129 year history. To honor this fine gentleman, Four Roses created a limited edition in 2017, and only in 2017, with a unique recipe picked by Al Young Himself. It is a mixture of 23, 15, 13, and 12 year old recipes that have resulted in a truly unique flavor profile. With a nose of sweet caramel and floral honeysuckle combined with a palate of fresh peaches, apricots, warm fig, rich oak, and a hint of mint at the finish, this bottle is truly a one of a kind and no longer available in stores.

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