National Bourbon Heritage Month

American whiskey has held an important economic, cultural, and social function in our nation's history, dating back to before we were considered our nation. Over 400 years ago, English colonists were distilling corn whiskey in what would eventually become Virginia. Bourbon itself was first recognized as a distinctive product of the United States in 1964 by Congress, declaring federal laws and regulations for the spirit to be called Bourbon. The most critical element of the regulation is that the spirit must be made in the United States to carry the title of Bourbon.

In 2007, the United States passed a resolution declaring September as "National Bourbon Heritage Month," which serves as a month-long celebration of the unique history and impact behind this American-made spirit. Since then, the month of September is known for its Bourbon-based festivals, events, limited edition bottlings, and the kick-off of what is commonly referred to as the "fall release season." When many high-end bottle allocations are pushed into the market, whiskey hunters, enthusiasts, and consumers work all of their connections to obtain some of these special bottles.

Old Crow Chessmen

Here at The Bourbon Concierge, we believe celebrating the historical elements of the American Whiskey heritage is often overlooked by the modern whiskey hunt, and more focus should be put on the vintage whiskey. What is a vintage whiskey, you might ask? Some enthusiasts might refer to them as "dusties," others might refer to whiskey no longer being produced. While this is not a defined industry term, we believe that it can include anything ranging from whiskey bottled decades ago, whiskey produced by distilleries that are no longer in production, or whiskey from brands that have changed distillate over time. We love these bottles as the flavor profiles are unmatched by what is being produced today. Some of our favorite vintage whiskies are the Old Crow Chessmen decanters, which not only come in extraordinary display decanters, but the whiskey inside is some of our absolute favorite. The profile, depth, and ease of drinking with low proof is an amazing combination that has yet to be replicated by any other distillate. Best-selling author, Bourbon curator and celebrity Fred Minnick has described it as one of, if not the best Bourbon he's ever tasted.

To celebrate, we are offering 10% off all of our vintage whiskey products, including some of these old crow chessmen, which can be found here. We will also be adding new vintage products throughout September, but you'll need to act fast because once these are gone, they are gone for good! We hope you enjoy these vintage whiskies as much as we do while celebrating America's native spirit.