Blantons Black 700 mL

Blantons Black 750 mL

Blantons Black 700 mL

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This edition of Blanton's is produced exclusively for the Japanese export market and bottled at 80 proof. There is no official differentiation between the black and the green (Special Reserve) except from a quote by John Shutt (International Sales and Marketing Manager for Blanton’s) "The “Red” and “Black” labels were created... specifically for the Japanese market. Red 93pf and Black 80pf are the same mash bills as our other Blanton labels with one difference….there is an 8 year minimum aged barrel selected. Our other Blanton labels require a 6 year minimum. Regardless, you won’t find an age statement on any Blanton label. We bottle by taste, not age,” says Shutt. An extremely rare bottling, a must have for any Blanton's enthusiast.

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