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    Three Crosses is the first legal distillery in Powhatan County, Virginia. We proudly hand-craft spirits to our exacting standards. Truly a hobby that got out of hand, our current 150 and 250-gallon stills are hand-built in Missouri by Affordable Distilling Company. 

    The corn and rye that are used for our Route 13 Moonshine and Three Crosses American Whiskey are grown in Powhatan County by Engle Family Farms. While we’d love to get sugar and molasses for our Crossed Rifles Rums from Virginia, they simply aren’t grown here commercially anymore. So, we sourced them from a seventh-generation sugar consortium, Lula-Westfield in Belle Rose, Louisiana. Both the Lula and Westfield sugar processing plants date back to the late 1800s.

    8 products
    Three Crosses Noble Hound Dark Rye
    100 Proof Fans of ‘finished whiskeys’ will love Noble Hound Dark Rye....
    Three Crosses American Whiskey
     Three Crosses American Whiskey is a unique experiment in aging traditional...
    Three Crosses Noble Hound Rye
    100 Proof  Rye fans will love this robust whiskey. Bottled at 100...
    Three Crosses Coffee Flavored Whiskey
    80-Proof We take our classic Three Crosses American Whiskey and rest it...
    Three Crosses Sugar Maple Bourbon
    80-Proof  A traditional high corn bourbon aged on new charred American oak...
    Three Crosses Madison Reserve
    Madison Reserve is a tribute to one of America’s founding fathers and...

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