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  • Old Fitzgerald
Private Reserve gives you a glimpse into the unique and vast history of whiskey. It’s no secret that the whiskies of yesterday are some of the most sought-after spirits in the world. Several factors go into making these the most desirable collectibles in the industry. The most important factor in our opinion in what makes these bottles sexy is the quality of the whiskey inside the bottle.

Back then, there was less production, less push to release whiskey that wasn’t ready, less of a fight over barrels, less consumption of American whiskey as well (which led to whiskies 10+ years old being bottled and sold as 6-year whiskey oftentimes). Overall, the product was just superior across the board.

Our spirits archeologist has helped uncover some truly hidden gems. We worked with some of the most respected collectors in the country to bring you a truly once in a lifetime experience with the bottles below. As these are all one-offs and can’t be replicated or duplicated, once they’re gone, they’re gone. The pictures you see are the real pictures of the real bottles (please note label condition, fill level, etc).
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