Michter's 25 Year 750ml (2020 release)

Michter’s 25 Year Old Bourbon

Michter's 25 Year 750ml (2020 release)

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Michter’s 25 Year Old Bourbon comes from the era when Michter’s was still buying its whiskey from outside sources. However, Magliocco says, “We picked the style we wanted to make ourselves.” And, indeed, its bold flavor is immediately recognizable as Michter’s. Bottled at a barrel strength, it comes on a little tannic, but the black pepper and oaky notes quickly give way to dark fruit, brown sugar, and caramel. Dark chocolate makes an appearance on the back of the tongue, followed by a long, dry tobacco and leather finish. Bourbons that can age in wood for a quarter-century and still retain so much complexity are few and far between.

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